Monday, August 2, 2010

Chicas Folladas Por Caballos

This and That

Ok ... after a long long absence is just cool the air, so to speak ... now oxygen before I die before you get to the nostrils!

Lately I've felt a little tired, psychologically ... just because I spent a year by dogs (but at least the results were satisfactory, 30 and heartfelt praise * *), some of the heat, some for the pc fault, a bit much for my chronic laziness, and just the thought of taking pencil in hand made me sweat! Some days ago, however, the frenzy (physical) of my days and finally declined, with a bit of inner calm and a little free time, I took the pace <3 MAAAI SPEZZARE IL RIIITMO! (cit.)

Well there are several things ... some sketches from life drawing (the old, what seems to Pocahontas Grandmother Willow is my grandmother, an early right? ) then there is a kind of asexual geisha on so please do not ask questions ... a guy who drowned ... no joke, I took it from a music video Koreano, I liked the effect of his white black water, and other random things!

As always crystal clear in my explanation, although there is nothing to explain ...
ok, I do it for mononeuronici, how altruiiiista!

Until next time, pchu


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