Sunday, August 22, 2010

Caballos Follando Con Mujeres Trailers

At the end: VANCOUVER!

Vancouver - Sun 22 August

I arrived!
Almost does not seem true, this month after intense adventures and experiences of all kinds, but they are just arrived in Vancouver, the goal of my trip. Yesterday
the entrance to the city 'has been half shock, after all this time of Wildlife: traffic, concrete, lights, etc ..., but' I have to say that the impact and 'this was mitigated by the city' really nice: very high and very long past the "Lions Gate", it goes right into the great Stanley Park, and that 'a forest of cedars (already' in the downtown), with lawns, meadows, beaches, where the whole city 'had been poured for cycling, running, paddling, or simply sunbathe or picnic. There 'no way, even though the Canadian city' can not stay away from most 'of such nature.
So I entered the center and continued to ride with head held high 'look upon all those skyscrapers of glass and' true, downtown Vancouver looks like a miniature New York (NY even though I've seen only in movies ...).
Before you reach the 'hostel I found in my short time on board the bike, I managed to drag dientro defending tooth and nail by a host of homelessness that was coveted, and once took place and had a refreshing shower head, I walk in the sling of the pit Saturday night "downtown", and this too, and 'was a show.
At first light in the evening all the people had moved from the park at the center and around it was all a whirlwind of shopping, street performers, concertinas improvised, and even invaded the streets from the feast of the community 'here in Brazil, with samba and drums, where I was flying slingshot to a dinner of rice, roasted meat and "fejioada.
not enough, when he was returning to the hostel and dark, a large bells heralded along the main street, Granville Street, the passing of a great number cyclists of all ages ', dressed in ways that most' bizarre and amazing bike, stopped traffic by attracting the attention of all people (just like in the video "Kings & Queens" of 30 seconds to mars ... for those who have seen it).
And that's good to see people here in citta'sempre smiling, cheerful and helpful.
Canadians are just nice people.
So as you can imagine I returned to my bunk confused than ever, and now it 's time to place your luggage and your bike ready for the return that will make me' get to Mestre on Tuesday evening. Tonight
are hardly able to sleep, his mind full of sensations, images, encounters, referred to in this beautiful journey, I filled, certainly more 'than what I expected.
But like every other time at the end of a long adventure, this time thinking more 'big' house faces, the urge to hug my Antonella, my Frank and Helen, and then revise your friends and loved ones. It is now thought more 'big' and after this there will be 'time to fish out and put everything in order' that this experience has left me in the far north.
Cosi 'deal is off this blog, with many thanks to those who wrote to me keeping me company during the journey and supporting them in times of difficulty': with a special mention for Mark, with whom I share the feelings of lonely cicloviaggiatore (a About make my compliments to the Vale, I'm very happy for you for this great success), for Giangi which kept me company during the nights in tents book of short stories by Jack London, to Angelo and Nerina, always very close, and all those who have "virtually" rode with me with any comments, or just glancing occasionally blog.
Thank you to all!
And see you next trip, the next adventure.

because'...." Luckily again, city adventure 'in the world, forests, mountains, deserts, to make new provisions of images and sensations, to discover other places and other faces, to renew our gaze.
roads, earth, sand, sea shores, even the stones and mud, will be a measure of our body, and thrill to exist. "


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